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schmuck n : (Yiddish) a jerk [syn: shmuck, schmo, shmo]

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From שמאָק shmok, literally "penis" (vulgar) < smok (modern Polish smok, "dragon").



  1. The penis.
  2. The foreskin.
  3. An item or person that is considered useless.
  4. A jerk; an unpleasant or detestable person.



The penis
The foreskin
An item or person that is considered useless
A jerk; an unpleasant or detestable person



  1. pretty, spruce

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ass, born fool, buffoon, clown, doodle, egregious ass, figure of fun, fool, idiot, ignoramus, jackass, jerk, lunatic, milksop, mooncalf, nincompoop, ninny, perfect fool, softhead, sop, stupid ass, tomfool, zany
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